Denodo Scheduler allows new data-processing filters to be created to form part of the filter sequences that are applied to the job extraction results. To do this, it is necessary to create a class that implements com.denodo.scheduler.api.filter.Filter.

from which the following method should be implemented: boolean execute(Document document) throws FilterException

The execute method performs the data processing specific to the filter, for which it receives as a parameter a Document object, which is a map that allows accessing the values of the document fields. The filter can add/delete or modify fields as wished. In addition, the method returns a Boolean variable that indicates whether or not the document passed the filter.

package com.denodo.commons;

public class Document {

    public Object get(Object key)

    public Map getFields()

    public Object put(Object key, Object value)

For more information please refer to the Denodo Scheduler Javadoc documentation or the example for creating a filter in DENODO_HOME/samples/scheduler/filter-api.

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