Installation and Execution

The Denodo Platform Installation Guide provides all the information required to install Denodo Scheduler, including the minimum requirements for hardware and software, and instructions for the use of the installation tool and for the initial system configuration.

Denodo Scheduler includes a server for scheduling jobs and a Web server that supports the administration tool.

The servers can be started and stopped using the Denodo Platform Control Center. To connect to the administration tool you need to use the user “admin” with the initial password “admin”. The default URL for accessing the Web administration tool from a local machine is http://localhost:9090/webadmin/denodo-scheduler-admin.

Alternatively, scripts are provided in the path DENODO_HOME/bin. There is a script for the scheduling server (scheduler_startup.bat and scheduler_startup.exe in Windows) to start it and a script (scheduler_shutdown.bat and scheduler_shutdown.exe in Windows) to stop it. To start and stop the Web administration tool the scripts and are available (scheduler_webadmin_startup.bat and scheduler_webadmin_shutdown.bat in Windows).

In the case of Windows machines, a script is included to install the scheduling server as a service. The script receives the name schedulerservice.bat. If the service is configured to be started with a specific user account, this one needs to have full or administration privileges on over the Denodo Platform installation folder and all of its subfolders.

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