Values of the Attribute “Access Interface”

Virtual DataPort assigns the attribute “access interface” to the incoming connections from clients.

The following table lists the possible values of this attribute.

Possible values of the attribute “access interface”
Possible Values of the “access interface” Attribute Meaning
Diagnostic-Monitoring-Tool Denodo Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool
ITP Client that uses the ITPilot API described in the ITPilot Developer Guide.

JDBC client

In addition to third-party applications, the following Denodo components also use the JDBC interface: Information Self-Service Tool and the Diagnostic Monitoring Tool. These components also have their own access interface. They use their own interface to execute administrative operations and the JDBC interface to run queries.

JMS JMS client
JMX JMX client such as JMeter, JVisualVM, etc.
ODBC ODBC client
PORTLET Portlet JSR-168 or JSR-286 published by Denodo.
SCHED Denodo Scheduler. Although it uses the JDBC interface to execute queries, it uses its own interface for the authentication process.
Self-Service Information Self-Service Tool.
VDP-AdminTool Virtual DataPort administration tool.
WS-REST REST Web service published from Denodo
WS-REST-Generic Denodo global RESTful Web service. I.e. the one accessed from http://localhost:9090/denodo-restfulws
WS-SOAP SOAP Web service published from Denodo