Authentication in Web Services Created with Previous Versions


This section is about the Web services created with previous version of the Denodo Platform.

The available authentication options depend on the service type:

For REST, JSON, HTML and RSS the options are:

  • None. The Service can be accessed without authentication.

  • HTTP Basic. Basic HTTP authentication (RFC 2617: HTTP Authentication: Basic and Digest Access Authentication) with the credentials passed as plain text.

    All the users will use the values of the fields “Login” and “Password” as credentials for accessing this Service.

  • HTTP Basic with VDP. Basic HTTP authentication using the credentials of the Virtual DataPort’s users. That is, the Web service will connect to Virtual DataPort with the credentials used by the client of the Web service.

    Only users whose user name is in the “Accepted user(s)” list will have access to the Service (separate user names with commas). If this list is empty, the Web Service will accept all Virtual DataPort’s users.

    Unlike with the other authentication methods, with this one, you have to grant the user privileges to access the published views.

  • HTTP Basic with LDAP. Basic HTTP authentication using an LDAP server. To configure this authentication follow these instructions:

    • Select the LDAP data source representing the LDAP server used for authenticating users. See the section LDAP Sources to learn how to create an LDAP data source.

    • Fill in the User pattern field. The “User pattern” is used to build the user’s Distinguished Name replacing the @login token with the received user name. For example, if the User pattern is cn=@login,ou=People,dc=YourOrganization,dc=com, the @login token will be replaced by the user name provided by the invoker of the Service.

    • Accepted user(s): only users whose user name is in this list will have access to the Service. To accept more than one user, separate their user names by commas. If empty, every user authenticated by the LDAP Server will be granted access to the Service.

  • HTTP Digest. HTTP Digest access authentication.

The authentication options for SOAP Web Services are the same as for REST, JSON, HTML and RSS, but also support the Web Services Security protocol (WS-Security).

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