Launching the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool

There are two options to launch the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool:

  1. Use the shortcut included in the Denodo Platform Control Center.

  2. Execute the script: <DENODO_HOME>/bin/vdpadmin

After this, you will see the log-in dialog.

Authentication screen in the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool

Authentication screen in the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool

Enter the connection details and click Connect to connect to the Virtual DataPort server.

After clicking “Connect”, you will see a warning message if the administration tool and the Virtual DataPort server are running with a different Denodo update. This scenario can occur when the Server runs on one host and the administration tool you are using is installed on another host.

The URI for a default installation is //localhost:9999/admin.

The server URI format is //host:port/database:

  • host: host name of the machine where the Server is running.

  • port: number of the server execution port.

  • database: Virtual DataPort database. When a Virtual DataPort server is installed, a default database called admin is created.

For more details on the concepts of databases and users in Virtual DataPort, see the section Databases, Users and Access Rights in Virtual DataPort. If this is the first access to the server, the default administrator user can be used (user login “admin” with password “admin”). Users should change their password after connecting to the server for the first time. To do this, open the “Change password” dialog on the “File” menu.

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