General Information on Data Sources

The GlobalDataSourceManagementInfo MBean ( > DataSourceManagementInfo) provides global information about the data sources.

Attributes of the GlobalDataSourceManagementInfo MBean

The GlobalDataSourceManagementInfo MBean has these attributes:

  • TotalDataSourceCount: number of data sources.

  • TotalActiveRequestCount: number of current requests to any data source.

  • For every type of data source there is an attribute with the number of data sources and the number of active request to that type of source.

  • ITPMaintenanceDataSourceCount: number of Web (WWW) sources that have the maintenance option enabled.

  • ITPMaintenanceActiveRequestsCount: number of current requests to Web sources that have its maintenance option enabled.

Each Virtual DataPort database has a LocalDataSourceManagementInfo MBean, which has the same attributes as GlobalDataSourceManagementInfo, but only considers the data sources that belong to that database.

Each data source has its own MBean in > DataSourceManagementInfo > name of the database > data source type > data source name

These MBeans have the following attributes:

  • DatabaseName: name of the data source database.

  • DataSourceName: name of the data source.

  • DataSourceType: type of the data source: ARN (Aracne), CUSTOM, DF (delimited files), ESSBASE (Oracle Essbase Multidimensional DB), GS (Google Search), ITP (Web - ITPilot), JDBC, JSON, LDAP, ODBC, OLAP (OLAP multidimensional DB), SAPBW (SAP BI 7.x XMLA and SAP BW 3.x XMLA Multidimensional DB), SAPBWBAPI (SAP BI 7.x BAPI and SAP BW 3.x BAPI Multidimensional DB), SAPERP (BAPI), WS (SOAP Web services) or XML. Note that internally, Excel files are actually CUSTOM data sources so they do not have their own type.

  • NumRequests. Number of requests made on the data source since the start of the Server.

  • ActiveRequests. Number of active requests to the data source.

  • MaxActive, NumActive and NumIdle (only for JDBC and ODBC sources). Provide information about the pool of connections with the database:

    • MaxActive: maximum number of connections in the pool.

    • NumActive: number of connections established with the source that are being used to execute a query.

    • NumIdle: number of idle connections established with the source.

  • isMaintenanceEnabled (only for ITPilot - Web sources): true if the maintenance option is enabled.

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