Pushing Down GROUP BY Views Below UNION Views

When you execute a GROUP BY over a union view, Denodo may be able to push down the group by under the union view if you are projecting the aggregation functions COUNT, MIN, MAX or SUM.

For example, let us say that you have defined a view order that is the UNION of the views Orders_Spain and Orders_France. The data of these two views is obtained from two different databases.

This query:

SELECT o.product_id, SUM (amount) AS total
    FROM order o
    GROUP BY o.product_id

Will be transformed into this one:

SELECT o.product_id, SUM (amount) AS total
    SELECT os.product_id, SUM (amount) AS total
    FROM orders_Spain os
    GROUP BY os._productid)
    SELECT of.product_id, SUM (amount) AS total
    FROM orders_France of
    GROUP BY o
GROUP BY o.product_id

You can see that the GROUP BY is pushed down below the UNION. This will allow to push down the GROUP BY operation to the database. This transformation will usually result in a huge reduction in the number of rows that Denodo has to process and retrieve from the underlying data sources.

This transformation is specially tailored to business intelligence scenarios, which usually involve very big facts tables.

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