Connection from the Web Services to the Server

At runtime, the REST and SOAP Web services establish one or more connections with the Virtual DataPort server to query views and send the result to clients.

You can configure the parameters of these connections. The most important one is the use of a connection pool. If enabled, the connections opened by the Web service to Virtual DataPort are reused. In production environments, the use of the connections pool is strongly recommended.

The configuration parameters of the connection are:

  • Chunk Size (rows), Chunk timeout (milliseconds) and Query timeout (milliseconds). Their meaning is the same as in any other VDP client (see section Access through JDBC of the Developer Guide).

  • Enable Pool. Select this check box to enable the connection pool. We recommend enabling this option.

  • Initial number of connections. Initial number of connections opened by the pool.

  • Maximum number of active connections. Maximum number of connections in the pool. A negative value means there is no limit.

If you expect any of your Web services to receive a high number of concurrent requests, consider increasing the maximum number of threads that Tomcat will create to attend requests. To do this, read the section Increasing the Maximum Simultaneous Requests of the Denodo Platform Installation Guide.

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