Default Configuration of HTTP Proxy

Some VDP data sources can use http routes to access source data. The data sources that use the “Default proxy configuration” will use the settings of this wizard.

To configure the default proxy preferences, click Server configuration on the menu Administration and then, click HTTP proxy (see HTTP Proxy Configuration).

In this dialog, you can enter the details of the proxy or provide the URL of a proxy.pac file that contains the configuration parameters of the proxy.

To enter the proxy parameters manually, click Proxy manual configuration and provide a value for the following parameters:

  • Host. Name of the machine that acts as Proxy.

  • Port. Port number of the Proxy server.

  • Login. User identifier used to authenticate in the proxy. If the proxy does not require authentication, it must be left blank.

  • Password. User access password. If the Proxy does not require authentication, it must be left blank.

To provide the URL of a proxy.pac file, click URI for proxy automatic configuration and enter the URL of the file in the box below.

In the data sources that have an HTTP path, you can set a proxy configuration different from the default one.

HTTP Proxy Configuration

HTTP Proxy Configuration

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