Use of Stored Procedures in Creating Views

Virtual DataPort stored procedures can be used to create new derived views.

More specifically, an invocation of a stored procedure may appear in the FROM clause of any query or view definition. The stored procedure will be considered a view which schema includes all input and/or output parameters (that is, of type IN, OUT, IN_OUT) of the stored procedure, and with a single search method (see section Query Capabilities). The search method of a view generated from a stored procedure will have one obligatoriness (OBL) constraint for every input parameter (IN or IN_OUT).

To create a view that combines data obtained by a stored procedure, open the dialog to create the view, click the tab “Model” and drag the procedure from the Server Explorer to the dialog of the new view (join, union, minus, intersect, etc.). Then, if the procedure includes input parameters, they can be added to the new view by clearing the Use Input Parameters check box (see Parameters of a procedure added to a new view). Otherwise, the user has to fill in the input values.

Parameters of a procedure added to a new view

Parameters of a procedure added to a new view

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