When to Use the “Basic” Version of the JDBC Driver

The Denodo JDBC driver depends on the following libraries of the Apache Foundation:

  • Commons Codec 1.10

  • Commons Collections 3.2.2

  • Commons Collections4 4.1

  • Commons Lang 2.6

  • Commons Pool 1.6

  • Log4j 1.2.17

There are two versions of the JDBC driver to connect to Virtual DataPort (both located in the directory <DENODO_HOME>/tools/client-drivers/jdbc/)

  1. denodo-vdp-jdbcdriver.jar (recommended version).

  2. denodo-vdp-jdbcdriver-basic.jar

Both versions are the same except that the “basic” one does not contain the third-party dependencies required by the driver.

Denodo includes a “basic” version of the driver because there are scenarios where these libraries are already provided by the environment where the driver will be loaded. For example, in certain Web application servers. In these cases, you can use the “basic” driver. Make sure that the application server loads all the dependencies of the driver and their version is the same or compatible with what the driver expects. Otherwise, the driver may work incorrectly.

Unless needed, use denodo-vdp-jdbcdriver.jar. That way you do not have to manually download these dependencies and add them to the classpath of your application.

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