Install the ODBC Driver on Windows

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the folder <DENODO HOME>\tools\client-drivers\odbc and unzip the appropriate ODBC driver. contains the ODBC driver for 32-bit clients. contains the ODBC driver for 64-bit clients.

    Select the 32 bits or the 64 bits version depending on the client that will use it. E.g., a 32 bits client such as Microsoft Excel 2003 can only use a 32 bits ODBC driver, even if it is running on a 64 bits O.S and is going to connect to a Virtual DataPort server running with the 64 bit JRE.

  2. Execute the “msi” file extracted from the zip file.

  3. The installation wizard is very simple: click “Next” in all the dialogs.

The installation is now complete.

You can install the 32-bit and the 64-bit ODBC driver on the same host so all the applications can use this ODBC driver regardless of its “bitness”.

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