Connecting to Another Database

When you are connected to a database, you can connect to other databases or use different credentials to execute tasks that with your current user, you are not allowed to. To do this, use the commands CONNECT and CLOSE.

Syntax of the CONNECT statement
      { USER <name:identifier> PASSWORD <password:literal>
    | TOKEN <token:literal> }
[ DATABASE <name:identifier> ]

The CONNECT command allows indicating either a user name (USER) and password (PASSWORD) or a Kerberos token, to initiate a new session in the server with a new user account. A session may also be initiated with a new database (with the current user or another user).

If you indicate the credentials but not DATABASE, this command opens a session to the database you are already connected to, with the credentials provided.

The CLOSE command allows the previous session to be reestablished after having established a new session with the CONNECT command.

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