Google Search Data Sources

Virtual DataPort can extract data from the “Google Search Appliance” (GSA). Google discontinued this product in 2019. The Google Search Appliance (GSA) is a rack appliance that indexes the websites and documents of your organizations. You can query these indexes from Virtual DataPort.

The statement CREATE DATASOURCE GS creates a data source that points to a Google Search appliance.

To modify a Google Search data source use the statement ALTER DATASOURCE GS.

Explanation of some of the parameters of these statements:

  • name. Name to be given to the data source in Virtual DataPort.

  • GSURI. Access URI to the Google Search server. The URI format is host:port, being host the name of the machine that hosts the search engine.

  • PROXY. If the HTTP request is sent through a proxy, you have three options:

    • DEFAULT: the data source will use the default HTTP proxy configuration of the Server. See the section Default Configuration of HTTP Proxy of the Administration Guide to learn how to configure these default values.

    • ON: the data source will connect to the proxy specified by the parameters HOST and PORT. If the proxy requires authentication, you also have to provide the credentials of the proxy.

    • AUTOMATIC: provide the URL of a proxy.pac file that contains the configuration parameters of the proxy.

  • TRANSFER_RATE_FACTOR: relative measure of the speed of the network connection between the Denodo server and the data source. Use the default value (e.g. 1 for JDBC databases located on premises) if the data source is accessible through a conventional 100 Mbps LAN. Use higher values for faster networks and lower values for data sources accessible through a WAN.

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