Create New Widgets

Use the statement CREATE WIDGET to create a new widget.

Syntax of the CREATE WIDGET statement
CREATE [ OR REPLACE ] WIDGET <name:identifier>
    [ DISPLAYNAME = <literal> ]
    [ DESCRIPTION = <literal> ]
    ELEMENTTOPUBLISH = [ <database:identifer>.]<element name:identifier>
    CHUNKSIZE = <integer>
    CHUNKTIMEOUT = <integer>
    QUERYTIMEOUT = <integer>
    POOLENABLED = <boolean>
    POOLINITSIZE = <integer>
    POOLMAXACTIVE = <integer>
    I18N = <identifier>
    HELPMODEENABLED = <boolean>
    [ CUSTOMIZEDHELPMODECONTENTS = <html_fragment:literal> ]

Below is a brief description of some of the parameters of this statement:

  • ELEMENTTOPUBLISH: Name of the view (optionally prefixed with the identifier of a database), base view or stored procedure to publish.

  • HELPMODEENABLED: Enables the Help Mode for the widget. In the three widget platforms, a widget might have a help mode used to display information about the widget. If this parameter is true, but the CUSTOMIZEDHELPMODECONTENTS parameter is not present, the widget’s help mode will display a text with instructions on how to use the widget.

  • CUSTOMIZEDHELPMODECONTENTS: HTML fragment that will be shown when the user opens the widget’s Help Mode. This parameter is only useful if HELPMODEENABLED is true.

  • CHUNKSIZE, CHUNKTIMEOUT, QUERYTIMEOUT: Their interpretation is the same as in any other Virtual DataPort client.

  • POOLENABLED: If true, the connection pool will be enabled (highly recommended).

  • POOLINITSIZE: Initial number of connections to be opened in the pool.

  • POOLMAXACTIVE: Maximum number of connections in the pool. If this is a negative value, then the number is not limited.

  • PUBLISHCUSTOMTABLEEVENT: Enables the option that the widget exported to a JSR-286 Portlet can send complex objects to other portlets. These complex objects contain the whole result of the executed query view/stored procedure obtained from Virtual DataPort (see section Export to JSR-168 or JSR-286 Portlet of the Administration Guide).

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