The stored procedure GET_USER_DEFINED_TYPES returns information about each types. Each row represents a type.

Note that when you create a view with compound fields (registers and arrays), the administration tool automatically creates a type for the compound fields.

If you want to obtain the structure of a specific type, use the procedure GET_TYPE_ATTRIBUTES.


      input_database_name : text
    , input_type_name : text
  • If you invoke the procedure using CALL and do not want to filter by a parameter, pass NULL.
  • The procedure evaluates the parameter input_type_name with the operator LIKE instead of equals. This means that in the value of this parameter, you can use the wildcard operators you use with LIKE (% and _).
  • If input_database_name and input_type_name are NULL, the procedure returns all the types defined by a user.
  • If input_type_name is NULL, the procedure returns all the types defined by a user on the database input_database_name.

The procedure returns these fields:

  • database_name: name of the database that the type belongs to.
  • type_name: name of the type.
  • vdp_type: it can be either register or array.
  • sql_type: name of the type of the type according to the JDBC API. It can be either STRUCT or ARRAY.
  • sql_type_code: integer that represents the type of type on the JDBC API. 2002 for registers, 2003 for arrays.

Privileges Required

The results of this procedure change depending on the privileges granted to the user that runs it.

If the user is not an administrator user, consider the following:

  • If the parameter input_database_name is not NULL, the procedure returns an error if the user does not have CONNECT and READ privileges over this database.
  • If the query does not pass a value to input_database_name, the procedure will only return information about the types created on the database over which the user has CONNECT and READ privileges.


SELECT database_name, type_name, vdp_type, sql_type, sql_type_code
WHERE input_database_name='chinook'

The result is:

database_name type_name vdp_type sql_type sql_type_code
chinook _register_text register STRUCT 2002
chinook _register_ArtistId_Name register STRUCT 2002
chinook _array_register_text array ARRAY 2003
chinook _array_register_ArtistId_Name array ARRAY 2003
chinook relation_link register STRUCT 2002