Generating Navigation Sequences

Denodo ITPilot allows creating programs (also called “wrappers”) that perform automation and data extraction tasks on websites. These tasks normally imply automating complex navigation sequences through Web sites that may involve authentication processes, form filling, frame selecting, etc.

Denodo ITPilot includes a command language called NSEQL (Navigation SEQuence Language) for defining complex navigation sequences that are run using a pool of automated browsers. As explained in the sections Component Configuration and Comparison Between MSIE and Denodo Browser, there are two types of browsers:

  1. Instances of Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE).

  2. Instances of Denodo Browser. Denodo Browser is a GUI-less browser that embeds a HTTP client and a JavaScript engine that allow it to perform complex web navigations.

When to use one browser type or another is discussed in section Comparison Between MSIE and Denodo Browser.

NSEQL navigation sequences do not have to be manually written: Denodo ITPilot allows to record new navigation sequences of any complexity by entirely graphical means.

Navigation sequences are recorded using the “Navigation Sequences Generator”, that takes the form of a toolbar that is installed in an MSIE browser. Once installed, it can be used to generate any navigation sequence on the user’s browser using a process very similar to normal browsing, the recorded sequences are automatically translated into an NSEQL program that replicates the navigation sequence.


It is important to note that the necessary events for running a navigation sequence in a browser type do not always match those necessary in another type. This means that the NSEQL programs produced by the Navigation Sequence Generator may have to be adapted before being run with a browser pool configured to use Denodo browsers.

This generator may also generate browse sequences using pattern http requests; their characteristics and differences with NSEQL are explained in section Advanced Options.

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