Generating Sequences Using an Authenticated Proxy

If the Internet is going to be accessed through a proxy with authentication, it may be necessary to provide a value for the following parameters:

  • Login: user in the proxy.

  • Password: user password in the proxy.

  • Domain (Windows 2000): Windows domain.

Proxy Options Window shows this window.

Proxy Options Window

Proxy Options Window

This window also lets the user configure whether the Proxy authentication window must be automatically filled with the provided data if it appears.


When the proxy configuration has been set and a proxy dialog is open, after successfully filling it the state is saved in the toolbar. From now on, all the sequences that are recorded will add at the start of the sequence a SetProxyAuthInfo command that fills that data. If the proxy configuration is changed in the Proxy Options Windows (Proxy Options Window), it will not have effect until another proxy authentication dialog appears and it is filled with the new configured values, thus changing the state of the toolbar.

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