Recording Sequences with Passwords

When recording a Set Text action over a <INPUT type=”password”> element like the password field in the login page of the webmail example, the Sequence Generator toolbar will never include the password in the resulting NSEQL program. There are two cases:

  • The user enters the password and a variable name: the NSEQL program will include the variable name instead of the password.

  • The user enters only the password: in this case, the toolbar will encrypt the password and the NSEQL program will include a parameter like “encrypted:2LdrCaNizETkfGNlET0G1A==” in the appropriate SetValue command instead of the clear password. When executing the sequence, the encrypted password will be automatically decrypted so the real password will be set on the html password field. After importing the sequence in the Wrapper Generator Tool, the encrypted value can be edited in the NSEQL editor. To do this, we can put the mouse over an encrypted parameter and do Ctrl + Click or we can put the cursor on the parameter, press Ctrl + Space and click on the option “New Constant Value”; in both cases the dialog shown in Edit encrypted values appears and allows entering a new value that will be automatically encrypted again. Note that this feature is only available for the parameter of SetValue commands and the password parameter of the SetProxyAuthInfo command.

Edit encrypted values

Edit encrypted values

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