Changes Common to All the Modules of Denodo 6.0

Logging: Clearer Format for Dates

Starting with Denodo 6.0, by default, all the modules use a date pattern to write the dates of logs messages. With the new pattern, the dates are easier to read

The new default format is

<year>-<month>-<day of month>T<hour>:<minute>:<second>.<millisecond>.

For example, 2016-03-14T15:09:26.536.

In previous versions, the format is


For example, 20160314150926536.

If you have tools that automatically process the logs generated by Denodo, you can either change the date pattern in all the log4j.xml files of the directory <DENODO_HOME_6_0>/conf or modify the configuration of the application that processes these logs.

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