Changes Common to All the Modules of Denodo 7.0

Java 8

The Denodo servers and its tools need to run with Java 8. They cannot run with earlier Java versions.

Client applications that connect to the JDBC interface of Denodo need to run with Java 8 or a more modern version of Java. Otherwise, they will not be able to load the Denodo JDBC driver.


In Denodo 7.0, the logging library (log4j) has been updated to version 2. In Denodo 6.0, the Virtual DataPort server uses Apache Log4j 2 as well but the other components use Log4j 1.x. If in the previous version you customized the log4j.xml of the other modules, adapt them to use the syntax of Log4j 2.

API Documentation

The Javadoc of the Denodo APIs is now published online the documentation. It is no longer included with the Denodo Platform. In previous versions it is located on the folder <DENODO_HOME>/docs.