Outline of the Migration Process

This document explains the steps required to upgrade to Denodo Platform 7.0 from a previous version.

The upgrade process has four main steps:

  1. Install Denodo Platform 7.0 on a new location.

    We will refer to the platform that has just been installed as new version, installed at <NEW_DENODO_HOME>.

  2. Export all metadata from your current Denodo Platform installation.

    We will refer to the previously installed version of the Denodo Platform as the current version, installed at <OLD_DENODO_HOME>.

  3. Import the metadata from the “old” version to the new one.

  4. Configure the new Denodo Platform.


We strongly recommend migrating and testing the non-production environments before the production environments.


If you are going to upgrade from Denodo 5.0 or earlier, contact the Denodo Support Team.