7.0 GA: New Features of the Embedded Web Container

This section lists the new features of the web container embedded with the Denodo Platform 7.0 GA (with no updates). For the list of features included in the updates of Denodo 7.0, read their RELEASE NOTES and the pages What Is New in Denodo 7.0 Update XXX of the New Features Guide.

New Version of the Web Container: Apache Tomcat 8.5

The embedded web container has been upgraded to Apache Tomcat 8.5. This version provides more stability, better performance and better memory management than the version included in earlier versions of Denodo.

Future updates of Denodo may update the version of Tomcat to benefit from enhancements and security fixes. Find the exact version of Tomcat used in your installation in the file <DENODO_HOME>/apache-tomcat/RELEASE-NOTES.

Allow URIs Slash and Backslash by Default

The web container no longer returns an error when it receives a request to a URL that contains the characters %2F or %5C. They are the URL-encoded characters for “/” and “\” respectively. To avoid this issue in previous versions, you have to add the system properties below to the configuration of the embedded web container:



The web container is now configured to use TLS 1.2 for https connections. In addition, the container now ignores requests by clients to downgrade the encryption algorithm.

The web container no longer logs this error when its starts:

org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext  - A context path must either be an empty string or start with a '/' and do not end with a '/'

This is an error that can be ignored but by removing it, the logs are cleaner.

The size of the memory heap assigned to the web container is now 1 gigabyte by default. In previous version is 512 megabytes by default.

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