7.0 GA: New Features of the Installer

This section lists the new features of the installers of the Denodo Platform 7.0 GA (with no updates).

There are now three installers:

  1. A new installer (denodo-install-solutionmanager-7.0). It includes the Web Panel and the Solution Manager and License Manager.

  2. The installer of the Denodo Platform (denodo-install-7.0). This is the installer you are already familiar with, which includes Virtual DataPort, Scheduler and ITPilot.

  3. The installer of the Virtual DataPort administration tool (denodo-install-vdp-client-7.0). This installer includes the Virtual DataPort administration tool and the JDBC and ODBC drivers. It is aimed at developers.

Other Changes

When during the installation you set a port for the Virtual DataPort server that is not the default one, the Scheduler server is now configured to connect to this port. In previous versions, the administrator has to modify that setting in Scheduler after the installation.

It is now possible to uniquely identify an installation of the Denodo Platform using the file <DENODO_HOME>/install.xml. This file now contains the installation date and a random identifier.

The default installation path is now a path outside “Program Files” and without spaces. The installation path must not contain spaces (e.g. C:\Denodo\Denodo_Platform_7_0). Otherwise, the connection to some parallel processing databases will not work.

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