7.0 GA: New Features of Scheduler

This section lists the new features of Denodo Scheduler 7.0 GA (with no updates). For the list of features included in the updates of Denodo 7.0, read their RELEASE NOTES and the pages What Is New in Denodo 7.0 Update XXX of the New Features Guide.

VDPIndexer and VDPCache Jobs

  • During the configuration of these jobs, it is now possible to choose views (to be indexed or cached) from any database for which the user has permissions. In previous versions, only views from the database configured in the selected data source were available.

  • When configuring VDPIndexer jobs, you can specify whether to index only text fields (and primary keys) or to index all the fields from the views (in previous versions all the fields are always indexed). Usually, the fields containing non-textual values do not add value for Data Discovery. Not indexing those fields will generate smaller indexes (saving storage space) and the job execution will take less time.

  • The size of the indexes generated by the VDPIndexer jobs has been reduced.


When importing and exporting a Scheduler server backup, you can specify a properties file to read or store the environment specific properties. This way, it makes exporting and importing metadata across different environments, easier.


When accessing the Scheduler Administration Tool, if Kerberos is enabled and there is only one Virtual DataPort server configured, it automatically tries to login to that server using Kerberos. If it fails or these conditions are not met, the login screen is displayed.

Deprecated Elements

The Aracne module has been deprecated (except the indexing part of the ARN-Index/Search Engine Server, which is now a component of the Scheduler module).

This way, the Scheduler Administration Tool does not allow creating new instances of the following deprecated elements (but it still allows editing and using the existing ones):

  • Filter Sequences.

  • ARN Data sources.

  • ARN jobs.

  • ARN-Index jobs.

  • File-Repository exporters.

  • Move-File-Repository handlers.


  • The ARN-Index data sources are renamed to Scheduler Index.

  • The Exporters of type Scheduler Index and Elasticsearch can be used only in jobs of type VDPIndexer.

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