What Is New in Denodo 7.0 Update 7.0u20210818

This page lists the main enhancements added in the update 7.0 20210818. We also published these videos that explain the enhancements included in this update:

For a full list of enhancements and bug fixes, read the Release Notes of the update, in the Support Site or inside the zip file of the update.

Virtual DataPort

  • Performance improvements on several key areas. Among others:

    • Improvements in the optimizer when analyzing the execution plan to create remote tables over views with complex hierarchies.

    • The optimizer now analyzes faster queries that involve views with restrictions.

    • The cost-based optimizer analyzes faster queries with a large number of JOIN views.

    • Queries that involve views with a complex lineage now require less memory.

    • The stored procedure GET_ELEMENTS now runs faster when retrieving information about databases with a large number of base views. Among other features, this benefits the Catalog Search of the Administration Tool.

  • New function LOCALTIMESTAMP: it returns the current timestamp (a value of type timestamp). Previously, to obtain the current timestamp of type timestamp, you had to execute this:


    We recommend using this new function because Denodo can delegate it to more databases than the expression above.

Virtual DataPort (Data Sources)

  • Enhancements in the SAP adapter (multidimensional data sources):

    • It now supports Interval Variables (see more in SAP Variables).

    • New authentication option: pass-through credentials using SAP Logon Tickets.

  • New adapter for PrestoSQL (the PrestoDB adapter is still fully maintained and supported).

  • Added support to query SOAP web services of the version 1.2.

  • Added support for a new database: SAP HANA 2.

  • You can now create base views over stored procedures of IBM DB2 z/OS.

  • Performance improvements in the Excel data source.

Virtual DataPort (Cache Engine)

  • When querying a view with cache mode full, the cache engine now executes less queries on the cache database. This is particularly beneficial for cloud databases like Snowflake because the network connections are usually slower than for databases that run on premises.

  • Added support for a new cache database: SAP HANA 2.

Virtual DataPort (ODBC Driver)

  • With the Denodo ODBC driver included in this update, you can now open a connection with Kerberos authentication to Denodo, without enabling the option Allow only Kerberos authentication for ODBC/ADO.NET authentication on the database you want to connect to. The benefit is that each ODBC application can choose whether it wants to use user/password or Kerberos authentication to connect to a database because this is now configurable in the DSN.

    To benefit from this feature, the client application has to use the ODBC driver of this update.

    This feature does not benefit client applications that use the PostgreSQL ODBC driver (e.g. Tableau) or use an older version of the Denodo ODBC driver.

    See more at Enabling Kerberos Authentication for ODBC Connections Using Old Versions of the Driver.

Virtual DataPort (Version Control System - VCS)

  • New authentication option: “use pass-through session credentials” in the VCS configuration of Virtual DataPort. With this option, the VCS system will use the credentials of the user that is doing the VCS operation instead of using the same user account.

Data Catalog

  • In the Query tab of the web services, you can now obtain the URL you have to use to execute the same request Data Catalog just executed.

  • The administrator can now disable the option to save queries (see Allow Saved Queries).


  • The JDBC exporter can now export to Microsoft SQL Server tables that have replication enabled or have Change Data Capture (CDC) enabled.

  • Java API: custom exporters can now obtain the query that Scheduler executed to obtain each document.

OData 4.0 Service

The OData service now executes less metadata queries. This improves the performance of the requests to this service.

Common to All Components

We now provide support to run the Denodo Platform and the Solution Manager with the Red Hat build of OpenJDK version 8.

Documentation Release Notes

  • During the process of setting-up Kerberos in Virtual DataPort, the documentation no longer instructs administrators that the user account for Denodo cannot be associated with more than one SPN. This requirement was not necessary.

Information about Deprecated Features

No features have been marked as deprecated with the release of this update.

The following sections list all the features that are deprecated in Denodo 7.0:

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