What Is New in Denodo 7.0 Update 7.0u20230621

This page lists the main enhancements of the update 7.0u20230621 of the Denodo Platform and the Solution Manager.

We also published a video that explains the enhancements included in this update: Denodo Platform 7.0 Q2 2023 Update.

For a full list of enhancements and bug fixes, read the Release Notes of the update, in the Support Site or inside the zip file of the update.

Virtual DataPort

The execution engine now uses less memory when dealing with queries that involve complex views.

Virtual DataPort (JDBC Driver)

When adding parameters to a prepared statement in batch (java.sql.PreparedStatement#addBatch(…)), the driver now sends the values of these parameters more efficiently to the server. This reduces the amount of time the server uses to parse the query.

Virtual DataPort (ODBC Driver)

Significant improvements in performance, in the ODBC interface of Virtual DataPort, which cause that client application receive the results of the query faster.

Information about Deprecated Features

No features have been marked as deprecated with the release of this update.

These pages list all the features that are deprecated in Denodo 7.0:

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