Dateformat Function Syntax

The syntax of the ^DateFormat function is as follows:

^DateFormat(“expression”, “pattern”),


  • expression defines the expression which should be assessed to obtain the specific date. The possible values of this expression are:

    • today: represents today’s date on the system.

    • yesterday: represents yesterday’s date.

    • today - n: represents the date corresponding to n days before the current date. Therefore, yesterday is equivalent to today - 1.

  • pattern determines the format of the text string this function returns. This format is constructed by combining the following letters:

    • y: represents a year digit.

    • M: represents a month digit.

    • d: represents a digit of the day of the month.

For example, to obtain news from on today’s date, knowing that on this Web site the news has links of the form (supposing that today’s date is 2004/12/29): /news/2004/12/29/weblog/1104290407.html

in which the news date and, thus, number varies, the following has to be entered in the regular expression field of the link filter:^DateFormat(“today”,”yyyy/MM/dd”)/weblog/(.)+html

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