Data Schema Generated by the Different Types of Extraction Jobs

All the extraction jobs (but VDPCache) return the following fields in all its tuples, in addition to its own fields:

  • _$job_project (text). Name of the project pertaining to the job.

  • _$job_name(text). Name of the job.

  • _$job(numerical). Identifier of the job.

  • _$job_start_time (numerical). Time (in milliseconds) when the job was first executed,

  • _$job_retry_start_time (date). Time at which the current job execution started.

  • _$job_retry_count (numerical). Number of the current retry execution.


Regarding to Aracne jobs, they are deprecated and will be removed in a later version of the Denodo Platform. No new Aracne jobs can be created in version 7.0, but you could edit and run the existing ones. You can see the documentation of the data schema generated by these jobs from previous version.

Regarding to the rest of the extraction jobs (ITP, JDBC, and VDP), all the fields retrieved from their respective data sources are added.

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