Creating and Scheduling Jobs

In addition to the “Configuration” perspective, the Denodo Scheduler administration tool presents other additional perspectives: “Projects”, “Jobs”, “Data Sources” and “Filter Sequences”.

The aim of these perspectives is to facilitate the definition of data extraction jobs. In particular, it allows projects, data sources, filter sequences, and jobs to be listed/created/modified/deleted (each element type in its particular perspective).

The various elements of the Scheduler work space are organized by projects (Projects screen). A project groups together a list of data sources, filter sequences, and jobs; you can have elements with the same name (case insensitive) in different projects. On the “Project” perspective, a table with the existing projects is shown and a button to add new projects is also available. By clicking a project name in the table of projects, you are choosing the active project. Future actions in the “Data Sources”, “Filter Sequences” or “Jobs” perspectives will be related to the active project. To add a new project, its name and an optional description need to be specified.

Projects screen

Projects screen

After the installation the project called “default” is automatically created. If other components of the Denodo Platform have been selected in the installation, a properly configured data source for each of them is also included.

To add new elements to the project it is necessary to click on the perspectives “Data Sources”, “Filter Sequences”, or “Jobs” (according to the type of the element the user wants to add). If there is no active project when trying to create a new element, a dialog is displayed to the user in order to choose the project. The following paragraphs describe the creation/editing screens for the different types of elements in detail.

Moreover, the “Jobs” perspective allows you to monitor in real time the execution status of the various jobs that have been scheduled. It also allows you to find out the status of the last execution (see prior execution reports), force the execution of a job at a given time or delete its execution, among other things.

In the following sections all the perspectives are described in detail.

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