CSV Data Sources

To use a CSV file as a data source to assign values to variables in an ITP, VDP, or JDBC job created using a parameterized query (see section VDP Extraction Section, a CSV data source needs to be defined that references to that file.

When creating a CSV data source, the following parameters must be specified:

  • File. The path to the file. Depending on whether the check box Upload to server is checked or not (checked by default), the file will be uploaded to the server or not. In this latter case, the user must specify a path that is local to the server (absolute or relative to $DENODO_HOME) where the file is stored. It is important to note that the CSV files referenced by CSV data sources created with the “Upload to server” check box unchecked will not be included in the ZIP file generated when exporting their parent project.

  • Separator. The column separator to be used to obtain the file tuples. The tuples separator is assumed to be the carriage return.

  • Header (optional). If this check box is checked, the first row of the file will be used to give a name to the fields of each tuple obtained from it.


The maximum size for a CSV file uploaded to the server is 100 MB.

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