Elasticsearch Sources

In order to create Elasticsearch exporters, a data source that gives access to the Elastic indexing server needs to be defined.

Denodo Scheduler supports the following versions of Elasticsearch servers:

  • Elasticsearch 2.x

  • Elasticsearch 5.6+ / 6.x / 7.x

Each version has its own data source configuration in Scheduler. Both share the following parameters:

  • Host. Machine name in which the Elastic server will run.

  • HTTP Port. Port number of the Elastic HTTP server. This is the port of the RESTful API.

  • Cluster Name (optional). The name of your production cluster, which is used to discover and auto-join other nodes.

  • Username (optional). Username for connecting to the Elastic server.

  • Password (optional). Password associated with the specified user.

In addition, the data source for version 2.x also has the following parameter:

  • Transport TCP Port. Port number of the Elastic server. This is the port used by the Java clients to connect to the cluster.

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