Authenticating with Kerberos

The Solution Manager Server supports Single Sign-On using the Kerberos protocol.

To enable Kerberos authentication in the Solution Manager Server, follow these steps:

  1. Perform the post-installation tasks described in the section Setting-up Kerberos Authentication of the Denodo Platform Installation Guide.

  2. Indicate a Kerberos realm, if it is different from the one from your domain, as explained in the section Using Kerberos Authentication in Solution Manager Without Joining a Kerberos Realm of the Solution Manager Installation Guide.

  3. Enable Kerberos in the Virtual DataPort Server, as described in the section Setting-Up the Kerberos Authentication in the Virtual DataPort Server of the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide.

  4. Configure Kerberos on your browser.

After this change, when the users go to the Solution Manager, they will be logged in automatically - without entering their credentials - because the browser will send the Kerberos credentials of their system.

Authentication dialog with Single Sign-On

Authentication dialog with Single Sign-On


To access the Solution Manager Administration Tool, remember to use the Fully Qualified Domain Name of the Server Principal Name you configured in the Solution Manager Virtual DataPort Server. For example, if your Server Principal Name is HTTP/, you should access the Solution Manager Administration Tool through the URL or

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