Install a License

Before running the Solution Manager for the first time, you have to configure the global license. The Solution Manager Installation Guide explains how to install its first license either during the installation or afterwards.

To install a new global license on the Denodo License Manager, you can use the Denodo Solution Manager Administration Tool. Open the Licenses menu and then click Install License.

Open Licenses menu and click on Install License

Licenses menu

A dialog will open where you can drag and drop the license file. Alternatively, you can click in the drop area to browse the file system and select the license file. Then, click Install to start the license installation.

Install license dialog

Install license dialog

If the new license has been successfully installed, the Solution Manager Administration Tool shows an informative message. Take into account that, at this moment, the previous global license has already been removed from the License Manager. On the other hand, if anything goes wrong during the license installation, an error message will warn you and the License Manager will keep its previous global license.

Check Global License Information

At any moment you can check the content of the current global license from the Solution Manager Administration Tool. Go to the Licenses menu and click Global License Information. A new tab will open with the features and the restrictions that apply to the Solution Manager itself and to each one of the available scenarios.

Global license information

Global license information

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