Create Revisions from VQL


Only global administrators and promotion administrators can create revisions loading a VQL file. More information is available in the Authorization section.

A revision created from a VQL file is a revision that contains the VQL statements of a file you upload. This file has to have the extension “.vql” and contain VQL statements. When the Solution Manager deploys these revisions, it simply executes the commands of the file of the revision on all the servers of the target environment. This is an alternative to creating revisions graphically.

To create revisions that create/modify elements, we recommend creating revisions graphically because it is easier, particularly when you want to include a large number of elements in the revision. However, to create revisions that do other things or if you want total control over the VQL statements of the revision, create the revision from a VQL file. This is useful on several scenarios. For example:

  • To execute the command SET to change a setting in Virtual DataPort, in all the Virtual DataPort servers of an environment.

  • To create users and roles and grant them privileges over certain databases.

To create a revision from a VQL file, click the menu Promotions > Revisions. This opens the “Revisions” table. In this table, click new-revision-from-vql-btn.

Dialog to create a new revision from VQL

Dialog to create a new revision from VQL

Enter this:

  • Name: Descriptive name for the revision.

  • Description: Extensive description about the revision. This field is optional.

  • VQL: Drag the VQL file.

Click save-btn, at the top.

The wizard will display this warning if the VQL file does not have Virtual DataPort properties:

Confirm creation of a revision from VQL without VDP properties

Confirm revision creation without Virtual DataPort properties.

Usually, this is correct so just click Ok.

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