Configuring Server Logging Level


Only global administrators and JMX administrators can change the logging level. More information is available in the Authorization section.

In the Logging section of a server, you can change the logging level of Virtual DataPort. These changes are lost when this Virtual DataPort is restarted. To make these changes permanent, modify the configuration file of the logging system of this Virtual DataPort.

Dialog to view and configure logging levels

Dialog to view and configure logging levels

The table shows the list of logging level categories with their assigned level. You can edit a particular level clicking the edit-btn button of any table row.

To create a new log category level, click Change Logging Level at the top of the table.

Dialog to change logging level

Dialog to change logging level

In the dialog, you should specify the following fields:

  • Name: Logging category, for example, com.denodo.

  • Level: One of the following logging levels: OFF, FATAL, ERROR, WARNING, INFO, DEBUG, TRACE.

Click Save to confirm the changes.

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