These options are only available when accessing the Web Panel Administration Tool in administration mode (http://localhost:19090/webpanel/#/admin). Keep in mind that if you are using Kerberos authentication, you must access the Web Panel using the Fully Qualified Domain Name defined by the configured Server Principal Name.

You can access the configuration section by clicking Configuration in the top navigation bar.

Virtual DataPort Server Set-Up

In this section you can change the settings for accessing the Virtual DataPort Server that will be used for authentication.

Click Edit to change the Server Host, Server Port and Database parameters. Database is optional: it is the name of the Virtual DataPort server database which should be used for authentication (this is useful when the database uses LDAP authentication).

Kerberos Set-Up

If you wish to use Kerberos authentication, click Edit in the Kerberos section and enable Use Kerberos. Then you will need to configure the Server Principal Name, the path to the Keytab file and, optionally, the path to the Kerberos configuration file (if it is not in its default location). You may Activate Kerberos debug mode by enabling the corresponding switch.

Please refer to Setting-up Kerberos Authentication and Providing a Krb5 File for Kerberos Authentication for more details about Kerberos configuration.