Configuring the Network Interface Restriction in Virtual DataPort

The Denodo Platform allows to restrict the network interface through which the platform’s servers will listen to incoming connections.

In order to activate this restriction, stop all the Denodo servers and edit the following configuration options:

Configuration property files to modify to enable the network interface restriction in Virtual DataPort


Configuration File

Virtual DataPort server



<DENODO_HOME>/conf/iebrowser/ <DENODO_HOME>/conf/maintenance/

Scheduler Server


Scheduler Index Server


Aracne server


Web Container

<DENODO_HOME>/resources/apache-tomcat/conf/ <DENODO_HOME>/resources/apache-tomcat/conf/server.xml

  • Virtual DataPort server:

    • Set the property com.denodo.vdb.vdbinterface.server.VDBManagerImpl.registryURL.restricted to the network interface or IP through which the Virtual DataPort will listen to.

    • Set the property com.denodo.vdb.vdbinterface.server.VDBManagerImpl.registryURL to a Domain Name System (DNS) that the server host will resolve to the restricted network interface.

  • ITPilot:

    • In the file, set the property RemoteIEBrowserPoolImpl.HOST.restricted to the restricted network interface.

    • In the MaintenanceConfiguration.xml file, add the property <restricted> into <extraction><rmi> with the restricted address as value.

  • Scheduler Server:

    • Set the property Server/registryURL.restricted to the restricted network interface.

  • Scheduler Index Server:

    • Set the property Launcher/registryURL.restricted to the restricted network interface.

  • Aracne server:

    • Set the property Server/registryURL.restricted to the restricted network interface.

  • Web Container:

    • In the file:

      1. Set the property to the restricted network interface.

      2. If the property is not defined it will take as value the restricted network interface from the Virtual DataPort server configuration file.

    • In the server.xml:

      1. Add the property address="${}" to the <Server> declaration in order to configure the IP on which the Tomcat servers waits for shutdown commands.

      2. Add the property address="${}" as well to the <Connector> component to specify which address will be used for listening on the specified port.

      <Server address="${}" port="${com.denodo.tomcat.shutdown.port}" shutdown="SHUTDOWN">


Published web services would require to be republished after restricting the network interface if the property com.denodo.vdb.vdbinterface.server.VDBManagerImpl.registryURL had not a value that does not resolve locally to the restricted address.

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