Exporting and Importing the Server Metadata

You can export the metadata of the Server for backup purposes or to re-create the same metadata in another Virtual DataPort server. You can also export the metadata of one Virtual DataPort database or even just a single element.

The export process can store the metadata in:

  • A single file, which will contain the VQL statements to recreate the metadata.

  • Two files: one that contains the VQL statements to recreate the metadata and another one that contains the value of the parameters that depend on the environment where the Server is running.

  • Or, to a Repository of files where the VQL statements that create each element are stored in a different file. Only use this option if you want to store the metadata on a version control system that is not supported by Virtual DataPort. To store the metadata in one of a supported VCS, use the VCS integration of the administration tool (see section Version Control Systems Integration)

The following sections explain how to:

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