Denodo Monitor

The Denodo Monitor is a tool included in the Denodo Platform that logs information about the Denodo servers:

  • Virtual DataPort

  • ITPilot Browser Pool and ITPilot Verification server

  • Scheduler and Scheduler Index

The Denodo Monitor runs indefinitely and it gathers information about these Servers periodically and logs it into tab-separated values files.

The Denodo Monitor launches three types of “monitors” that record the activity of one or more Denodo servers and the host where they are running.

  • Local monitors. They gather information about the host where the Denodo Monitor is running. See section Local Monitors.

  • Server monitors. They log data about the running threads and memory usage of a Denodo server. See section Server Monitors.

  • Virtual DataPort monitors. They log information specific to a Virtual DataPort server and that the other Denodo servers do not provide. See section Virtual DataPort Monitors.

Except the Local monitors, all the monitors connect to the JMX interface (Java Management eXtensions) of the Denodo servers so they can log information about Servers running in remote hosts.

The section Configuring the Denodo Monitor explains how to configure the Denodo Monitor and the section Launching the Denodo Monitor explains how to launch it.

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