Denodo OData 4.0 Service

OData (Open Data Protocol) is a REST-based protocol for querying and updating data using simple HTTP messages. It is an OASIS standard based on technologies such as HTTP, Atom/XML and JSON.

Virtual DataPort provides an OData 4.0 compliant interface, through is “Denodo OData service”.

The OData Service is available at:<database name>/.


The segment “<database name>” is mandatory.


The standard OData 4.0 defines three levels of conformance for OData services. The Denodo OData 4.0 Service conforms to the Intermediate Conformance Level by providing the following functionality:

  • Read-only access to Denodo databases:
    • Metadata
    • Entities
    • Items of an entity
    • Properties of an item
    • Property values
    • Relationships between entities
  • Format results in Atom and JSON
  • Query options
    • $select
    • $filter
    • $expand
    • $orderby
    • $skip
    • $top
    • $count
  • Parameter aliases
  • Pagination
  • HTTP Authentication
    • Basic
    • Kerberos