Threads Pool

The Virtual DataPort Execution Engine can execute queries concurrently and for each query, each request to a data source is performed concurrently as well.

To achieve this, Virtual DataPort uses a multithreading subsystem. In the “Threads pool” dialog you can change the settings of this system.


Only change these settings if you know what you are doing. The default values are correct for the majority of scenarios.

To change these settings, click Server configuration on the menu Administration and then, click the tab Threads pool.

In this dialog, you can configure the following:

  • Maximum number of threads: Maximum number of threads the pool can support simultaneously (default value is 300).

  • Expiration time (milliseconds): Maximum time an unused thread remains in the pool (default value is 600,000 milliseconds).

  • Sleep time (milliseconds): Indicates how often the threads not used in the pool are checked to eliminate those that exceed the “Expiration time” (default value is 300,000 milliseconds).

  • Timeout (milliseconds): Maximum time allowed by the pool for execution of one of the threads (default value is 43,200,000 milliseconds; i.e. 12 hours).

  • Checkout time (milliseconds): Maximum time the pool waits for a free thread. If this time is exceeded, the system displays an error message (30,000 milliseconds by default).

The changes to these properties will be effective immediately.

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