Dealing with Datetime and Interval Types

This section explains how to develop custom wrappers that return datetime values.

When you develop a custom wrapper, the main class of the wrapper has to override the method getSchemaParameters(Map<String, String> inputValues), which defines the output schema of the custom wrapper. This method has to return an array of CustomWrapperSchemaParameter objects. The second parameter of the constructors of the class CustomWrapperSchemaParameter is the parameter type. The value of this parameter is a constant of the class java.sql.Types.

The table below displays the mapping between:

  • A Denodo data type and the constant of the class java.sql.Types that has to be passed to the constructor of CustomWrapperSchemaParameter.
  • A Denodo data type and the class of the Java object that the custom wrapper has to return.
Denodo Data Type Constant of the Class java.sql.Types Java Class
localdate Types.DATE java.time.LocalDate
time Types.TIME java.time.LocalTime
timestamp Types.TIMESTAMP java.time.LocalDateTime
timestamptz Types.TIMESTAMP_WITH_TIMEZONE java.time.OffsetDateTime
intervaldaysecond JDBCTypeUtil.INTERVAL_DAY_SECOND java.time.Duration
intervalyearmonth JDBCTypeUtil.INTERVAL_YEAR_MONTH java.time.Period

JDBCTypeUtil = com.denodo.vdb.vdbinterface.common.clientResult.vo.descriptions.type.util.JDBCTypeUtil

Definition of the parameters of a custom wrapper with datetime fields
public CustomWrapperSchemaParameter[] getSchemaParameters(
        Map<String, String> inputValues) {

    return new CustomWrapperSchemaParameter[] {

          new CustomWrapperSchemaParameter("date_field", Types.DATE)
        , new CustomWrapperSchemaParameter("timestamp_field", Types.TIMESTAMP)
        , new CustomWrapperSchemaParameter("timestamptz_field", Types.TIMESTAMP_WITH_TIMEZONE)
        , new CustomWrapperSchemaParameter("time_field", Types.TIME)
        , new CustomWrapperSchemaParameter("intervalyear_month",
        , new CustomWrapperSchemaParameter("intervalday_second",
              JDBCTypeUtil.INTERVAL_DAY_SECOND) };

In the code below, note that the Java objects returned by the custom wrapper are the appropriate ones according to the table above. For example, in the method getSchemaParameters(), the field “date_field” is created with the constant Types.DATE. In the table above, this type of parameters corresponds with the type “localdate” and the objects of the result have to be java.time.LocalDate.

run() method of a custom wrapper that returns datetime values.
void run(CustomWrapperConditionHolder condition,
      List<CustomWrapperFieldExpression> projectedFields,
      CustomWrapperResult result,
      Map<String,String> inputValues)
      throws CustomWrapperException {

    // ...
    // ...

    result.addRow(new Object[]{

    result.addRow(new Object[]{
            sdf.parse("2015-03-08 01:59:59"),
            sdf.parse("2015-03-08 01:59:59 +01:00"),

To keep backward compatibility, custom wrappers can still return java.util.Date objects for the types “localdate”, “timestamp”, “timestamptz” and “time”. However, returning this type of objects may not be supported in future major versions of Denodo.