Installation and Execution

The Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool is a web application that runs in the web container included in the Denodo Platform. It is available to install in the Denodo Platform installer, as a component of the Virtual DataPort module.

Take into account that the Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool depends on the Denodo Virtual DataPort server to work; hence, you need to install this product too.

The Denodo Platform Installation Guide provides all the required information to install Denodo Virtual DataPort and the Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool.


We do not recommend installing the Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool in the production environment, since it may affect the performance of those machines. Using a dedicated machine or the development or the staging environments is a better solution.

Besides, when monitoring, remember to use a different machine from the monitored server to not affect the results.

Launching the Monitoring and Diagnostic Tool

There are two options to start and stop the Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool:

  1. Using the Denodo Platform Control Center.

  2. Using the scripts of the <DENODO_HOME>/bin directory:

    • To start the tool: diagnosticmonitoringtool_startup

    • To stop the tool: diagnosticmonitoringtool_shutdown

    Each script has a version for Linux (.sh) and one for Windows (.bat).

The default URL for accessing this tool from a local machine is http://localhost:9090/diagnostic-monitoring-tool.

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