Cache Invalidation

The cache of a view can be invalidated using the ALTER VQL sentence (see section Modifying a Derived View).

There are two types of cache invalidation:

  1. “Full” invalidation, which removes all the cached data for a view.

  2. “Partial” invalidation that only removes the cached data that verifies a specified condition.

Both invalidation types support the CASCADE option, which causes the operation to propagate to the views participating in the definition of the view specified in the invalidation sentence.

The next sentence would invalidate the cache for the sampleView view and for all the views participating in the sampleView definition:

ALTER VIEW sampleView

The next sentence is a partial invalidation. Only the tuples matching with the specified condition will be invalidated. In this case, the CASCADE option is not used and, therefore, the sentence will affect the sampleView view only:

ALTER VIEW sampleView
CACHE INVALIDATE WHERE field1 = 'value';

The cache of views with “Full” cache cannot be invalidated on cascade. In addition, if you invalidate on cascade the cache of a view, the cache of the subviews whose cache mode is “Full”, will not be invalidated.

The stored procedure CACHE_CONTENT returns information about the contents of the cache. The section CACHE_CONTENT provides more details about this procedure, its syntax and the information it returns.

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