This stored procedure is deprecated and it may be removed in the next major version of the Denodo Platform. Use the procedure GET_JDBC_DATASOURCE_TABLES instead of this one because “GET_JDBC_DATASOURCE_TABLES” has several input parameters to filter the information obtained from the source, which may speed up the query.

The section Features Deprecated in Virtual DataPort 7.0 lists all the features that are deprecated.


The stored procedure LIST_JDBC_DATASOURCE_TABLES returns the tables and views on the underlying database of a JDBC data source.

In combination with the procedure GENERATE_VQL_TO_CREATE_JDBC_BASE_VIEW, you can automate the process of having a base view for all the tables/views of a source database.


    data_source_name : text
  • data_source_name: name of the data source for which you would like to get the list of tables.

The procedure returns one row for each table/view in the underlying database of the JDBC data source:

  • catalog_name: name of catalog of given table.

  • schema_name: name of schema of given table.

  • table_name: name of given table.

  • type: type of catalog of given table.

Privileges Required

The user needs the Execute privilege over the data source.

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