Obtaining Wrappers

As mentioned in the preceding section, connection to the execution server consists of creating an instance of the class com.denodo.itpilot.client.HTMLWrapperServerProxy. This class incorporates methods for obtaining data on the execution server and accessing wrappers present in it:

  • Collection getHTMLWrapperNames(). Obtains a collection with the name of the wrappers present in the execution server. Note that if Virtual DataPort is being used as execution server, the connection will have been made to a Virtual DataPort database and only those wrappers associated with said database will be obtained.

  • HTMLWrapperProxy getHTMLWrapper(String wpName). Obtains a reference to the wrapper of the name specified as parameter.

  • Collection getDatabaseNames(). This method can only be invoked by users with administration rights in Virtual DataPort. It returns a collection with the name of the databases that exist in the server.

  • void deleteWrapper(String wpName). Deletes the wrapper which name is specified as parameter from the Server.

  • void loadWrapper(String VQL). Takes as input argument the VQL that defines a collection of wrappers, that are loaded in the execution server.

  • String getVQL(). Returns the VQL description of all wrappers in the ITPilot execution server.

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