Example of a function with annotations, that returns an array: SPLIT which splits strings around matches of a given regular expression and returns the array of these substrings.

ITPilot Custom Function Sample
import com.denodo.common.custom.annotations.*;
import com.denodo.common.custom.elements.*;
import java.util.*;

@CustomElement(type = CustomElementType.ITPFUNCTION, name = "SPLIT_SAMPLE")
public class Split {

    private static final String STRING_FIELD = "string";

    public CustomArrayValue split_sample(@CustomParam(name = "regexp") String regex,
            @CustomParam(name = "valuer") String value) {

        if (value == null || regex == null) {

            return null;
        String[] result = value.split(regex);
        LinkedHashMap<String, Object> results = new LinkedHashMap<String, Object>(1);
        List<CustomRecordValue> arrayValues = new ArrayList<CustomRecordValue>(result.length);
        for (String string : result) {

            results.put(STRING_FIELD, string);
            CustomRecordValue recordValue = CustomElementsUtil.createCustomRecordValue(results);

        return CustomElementsUtil.createCustomArrayValue(arrayValues);

    public CustomArrayType split_sampleReturnType(String regex, String value) {

        LinkedHashMap<String, Object> props = new LinkedHashMap<String, Object>();
        props.put(STRING_FIELD, String.class);
        CustomRecordType record = CustomElementsUtil.createCustomRecordType(props);
        CustomArrayType array = CustomElementsUtil.createCustomArrayType(record);
        return array;
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