Record Constructor


This component allows the user to create a record using other values generated in the wrapper (simple values, pages, records or lists) as well as creating new fields derived from the inputs of the component.

Input Parameters

A Record Constructor accepts zero or more values, zero or more records, zero or more pages and zero or more lists of records as input, and uses them as variables to build the output record. An input value can be used as a field of the output record, or it can be also used to create new derived fields by the use of functions; the available functions are the same than in the Condition component, defined in Appendix A.


If any “Hidden” field on the inputs is used as a field of the output record, the output field will inherit the “Hidden” property. If any “Hidden” field on the inputs is used to create a new derived field by the use of an expression, the wizard will ask whether the derived field should be hidden or not.

Output Values

The component returns one record.

Details of the Component

See section Processing the Individual Records: Use of Record Constructor for an in-depth explanation of the component.

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