Use of the Catalog Explorer

Before continuing with process generation, this is a good time to introduce a very useful tool to examine information about the variables used by the process.

Clicking on the “Catalog explorer” button of the button area (or selecting the “Process-Catalog Explorer” menu option) will start the Catalog Explorer. A window similar to the one shown in Catalog Explorer will appear indicating that, at that particular time, the MAILPARAMS record is not used as input of any component, is the output for INITCOMPONENT and showing its specific structure.

Catalog Explorer

Catalog Explorer

The following information is available for each type of catalog element (Pages, Records, Lists of Records and Values):

  • Inputs: list of components with this element as input.

  • Outputs: list of components with this element as output.

  • Structure: Used in Register and List elements, it shows the register fields (or the fields of the inner register in the case of the list).

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